Super Camouflage Skin MCPE

This addon makes it possible to be around mobs which previously were hostile. Zombies, skeletons or any other (previously) vicious mobs have never been more friendly. It’s obviously useful for survival adventures or any time you want to be protected in survival mode.






This skin pack includes 26 different skins which work great as camouflage. The main idea with camouflage is to allow the user to blend in with the surroundings. But each camouflage skin is only suitable for certain biomes or areas with the frequency of those blocks. For example, you wont really find any use for the oak log camouflage in the desert.

To use one of the camouflage skins you will need to open the skin picker (after youve imported the skin pack to the game) and select a skin of your choice.

Blend in with your surroundings!


+ Download Skin Pack .McPack
+ Start Minecraft
+ Open the skin picker and select a skin from the skin pack

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Download :
Camouflage 1
Camouflage 2

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